Mujeres that Motivate: Latina Business Owner

Mujeres that Motivate: Latina Business Owner

Inspired by the Garden of Eden, the 26 years old Melissa Gutierrez-Jaco started her business Garden Girl Picnics. With her eye for craft, this second-generation Latina, born and raised in Bay Area, organizes special picnics and decorates the whole place to give her customers an unforgettable experience. For her, the Garden of Eden represents an earthly paradise, a place of beauty and tranquility. This feeling of being in a paradise is exactly what she wants her customers to experience, hence the name.

During the pandemic, after her mental health was put to the test, Melissa decided to better her life and quit her job in retail. For as long as she can remember, she has constantly struggled with depression and anxiety. In 2021, this has reached its climax and the motivated businesswoman decided that it was time for her to find happiness in pursuing her passion for designing and crafting. Her dream was to help create special moments that will last a lifetime and moving into events services felt like the perfect way to fulfill that wish while also unleashing her creativity.

The idea of Garden Girl Picnics started when Melissa and her partner were looking for unique and creative ways to celebrate her birthday safely during the COVID-19 lock-down. They attended a picnic service and from the very first moment, Melissa fell in love with the experience. For her, picnic services are the perfect mix between luxury and intimacy. Experienced by years of decorating birthday parties for her family, she figured that it was exactly the right job for her. The motivated Latina started looking for inspiration from TikTok and Pinterest and slowly, the idea turned into a real business.

While she loves Garden Girl Picnics and the uniqueness of every order, having her own business is not always easy. Especially during low seasons, it is sometimes hard to stay motivated. Melissa has to keep reminding herself that her business has a purpose and that low traffic does not mean she is unsuccessful. For her, time and patience are key. When she feels stressed, she loves to take long baths while lighting her favorite candle and listening to her favorite music. Furthermore, she likes to watch the waves crash against the shore in her home town Bay Area, and feels lucky to be so close to the sea. It helps her distress and enjoy the adventure of being a business owner again.

By starting her business, Melissa hoped she could inspire other people who struggle with their mental health as well and show them they can achieve anything they want in this lifetime. Her advice is to just go for it. There will always be a hundred reasons not to do it, but if your gut feelings tell you to start, then start. For Melissa, seeing her services being enjoyed by the people who choose to support her is the best feeling in the world, and she is sure it will be the same for you. So, take that leap!

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